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Green & Pollution Less Domes

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Energy saving that insulates you from rising costs...
Our PU foam result in greater insulation and lower energy costs
for Domes use.


Self Supported Structure Without Trusses, easy to use, Flexible, Economical, Safe & mobile....

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Mission of Prince Composites:

Our mission is to provide innovative solutions to customers using energy-efficient, eco-friendly and cost-saving methods.

This sandwich segment is formed by a hard polyurethane foam segment between two layers of FRP sheets and combined with vacuum technology under high pressure. The surface is bright and clear as well as easy to clear its dirt. It has a good capacity to keep the colour of surface to be bright and fresh. The outside surface has a layer of high quality gel coat, which gives the product a good chemical stability to atmosphere, water and ordinary acid, alkaline and salt. Its characteristics give the products many advantages, such as smooth surface, keeping bright and fresh colour in long time, anti- corrosion and sunshine as well as anti-ageing.

Typical Applications: insulation/dry goods carriage, long-span structure roof and wall, thermal insulation (or fire protection), factory buildings, dust-free factory buildings, high/middle class combined house (FRP with Polyurethane)

FRP & PU Sandwich Dome & Roof

FRP & PU Sandwich Dome & Earthquake Roof, military Ready House, Replaceable Snow Shelter, Prefabricated Warehouses, Easy Assembly Sheds, PUF Cabin, Moulded Cold Storage Panel, Composite Building Structures, Industrial Corrosion Resistant Fiberglass.

We use PolyUrethane foam for insulating these structures . The modular structures are supplied in ready-to-install state. These structures are highly durable, portable, leak proof, weather resistant and faster to erect. Available in different colors we can always customize these structures to suit specific requirements of our clients. They can be assembled or connected with connectors to build up a minimum of 20, 26, 32 foot broad and in any required length with the use of Connectors or connecting segments.